Sunday, 13 June 2010

Musical Alerts

We were asked for this from our user base and as we agreed it was a good idea, it is now available to all i-map x users.

When a task is due for completion there is a pop up on your screen with a musical accompaniment. Its easy to stop, but it certainly makes sure that important diarised tasks are not missed by either you or members of your team.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

More improvements to i-map x

All our users out there will already be aware that we have now improved the trigold integration from i-map x. When you have completed a fact find in i-map x, the data you have keyed in will integrate directly into Trigold mortgage sourcing software without the need to re input any information. We have had this link in place for a while as I-nvent Software Limited are fully authorised CRM development partners with Trigold. However, the new work has significantly improved the level of detail in the integration and the speed with which the data links up.

Another improvement, again resulting from the feedback we are getting from our increasing user base, is the addition of email functionality directly from the document management page of any case in i-map. I-map x allows you to store documents online against any cases that you set up. You can now email these to through a simple on click only button.

Our website is at

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Plenty going on for i-map x

Its been a little quiet of late, but we have been more than busy in keeping up with the feedback we are getting from our i-map x users.

All i-map x software users have the opportunity to post feedback with suggested improvements to areas of the software. Thanks to everyone who has been in contact. If you are not an i-map x user click here to register.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Interested in Twitter ?

I-map x is now on twitter, its great for our user top tips etc

Also, I came across the following tips and thought they were very useful for twitter users.

Thanks to Lisa Simpkins for the list below. I will find out what they are and post a little more detail shortly. Follow Lisa on Twitter If you are Twittering try these... [ Lisa Simpkins ] [ 21-Apr-09 5:14pm ]

Twitter Directory

More Fun Twitter Apps

Twitter Backgrounds

URL Management

Email Alerts

Searching Tweets & More

Scheduling Tweets

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Store documents in i-map x

Users of i-map x, online processing software for financial services intermediaries, can store any documents upto a maximum file size of 8MB.

As well as our blogs we have our mini blog going at Twitter

Send us your thoughts on our software, we rely on feedback to deliver the features you want the most. Feel free to call us on 01446 731214. Now that the market is gathering itself for its long road to recovery, its a great time to look at i-map x and the benefits that it will bring to your business. Like all good software the ultimate gain is in time and money, but i-map x can really set your business apart.

Friday, 17 April 2009

New pricing structure for i-map x

Now that the i-map x beta testing has been completed we are moving to our new pricing arrangement. This is as follows:-
I-map x monthly rental, per user, per month £ 12.50 ex VAT
This can be payable using our new online credit card payment system

Please call us with any questions on 01446 731214

Wednesday, 25 March 2009


As well as our blog, I have noticed that a large number of our users and associates are now following our twitter (mini blog). This can be found at here at

Another great way of keeping upto date with all that is going on at Invent Software Limited, plus we can connect up to your "tweets" and keep a two way dialogue going.